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The Message of Pain: C S Lewis

Pain insists upon being attended to. God whispers to us in our pleasures, speaks in our consciences, but shouts in our pains. It is his megaphone to rouse a deaf world. C.S. Lewis The image is copyright: Lightspring via Shutterstock

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Growing Up With Books: C S Lewis

I am a product […of] endless books. My father bought all the books he read and never got rid of any of them. There were books in the study, books in the drawing room, books in the cloakroom, books (two … Continue reading

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The Price Of Love Is Vulnerability: C S Lewis

To love at all is to be vulnerable. Love anything and your heart will be wrung and possibly broken. If you want to make sure of keeping it intact you must give it to no one, not even an animal. … Continue reading

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Existence and Essence: C S Lewis

‘In our world’, said Eustace, ‘a star is a huge ball of flaming gas’. ‘Even in your world, my son, that is not what a star is, but only what it is made of.’ Conversation between Aslan and Eustace, The … Continue reading

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Decisions Become Ever More Momentous: C S Lewis

If you dip into any college, or school or parish – anything you like at a given point in history, you always find that there was a time before that point when there was more elbow-room and contrasts weren’t so … Continue reading

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