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Elysium Is As Far As To: Emily Dickinson

Elysium is as far as to The very nearest Room If in that Room a Friend await Felicity or Doom— What fortitude the Soul contains That it can so endure The accent of a coming Foot— The opening of a … Continue reading

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Success is Counted Sweetest: Emily Dickinson

Success is counted sweetest By those who ne’er succeed. To comprehend a nectar Requires sorest need. Not one of all the purple Host Who took the Flag today Can tell the definition So clear of Victory As he defeated—dying— On … Continue reading

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Nobody: John Fowles And Emily Dickinson Disagree

I’m Nobody! Who are you? Are you – Nobody – too? Then there’s a pair of us! Don’t tell! they’d advertise – you know! How dreary – to be – Somebody! How public – like a Frog – To tell … Continue reading

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Time Does Not Assuage: Emily Dickinson

They say that ‘time assuages,’– Time never did assuage; An actual suffering strengthens, As sinews do, with age. Time is a test of trouble, But not a remedy. If such it prove, it prove too There was no malady. Emily … Continue reading

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Because I Could Not Stop For Death: Emily Dickinson

Because I could not stop for Death— He kindly stopped for me— The Carriage held but just Ourselves— And Immortality. We slowly drove—He knew no haste And I had put away My labor and my leisure too, For His Civility— … Continue reading

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Much Madness is Divinest Sense: Emily Dickinson

Much Madness is divinest Sense – To a discerning Eye – Much Sense – the starkest Madness – ’Tis the Majority In this, as all, prevail – Assent – and you are sane – Demur – you’re straightway dangerous – … Continue reading

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