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Clopin Clopant

Je suis née avec des yeux d’ange Et des fossettes au creux des joues J’ai perdu mes joues et mes langes Et j’ai cassé tous mes joujoux. Je m’suis regardée dans un’ glace Et j’ai vu que j’avais rêvé Je … Continue reading

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The Plagiarist Plagiarised or Imitiation is the Sincerest Form of Flattery

Pierre de Ronsard (1524-1585) had the idea first:  Quand vous serez bien vieille, au soir, à la chandelle, Assise aupres du feu, devidant et filant, Direz, chantant mes vers, en vous esmerveillant : Ronsard me celebroit du temps que j’estois … Continue reading

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The Lurking Terrors Of Rural England: Lord Massereene and Ferrard

It’s no good putting up notices saying ‘Beware of the bull’ because very rude things are sometimes written on them. I have found that one of the most effective notices is ‘Beware of the Agapanthus’. Lord Massereene and Ferrard 1914-1993 … Continue reading

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Conversational Labyrinths: Bernard Levin

I am quite capable of speaking, unprepared, a sentence containing anything up to forty subordinate clauses all embedded in their neighbours like those wooden Russian dolls, and many a native of these islands, speaking English as to the manner born, … Continue reading

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Definition Of History: Ambrose Bierce

An account, mostly false, of events, mostly unimportant, which are brought about by rulers, mostly knaves, and soldiers, mostly fools. Ambrose Bierce 1842-c.1914 The Cynic’s Word Book (1906) The illustration is copyright: leoks via Shutterstock

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Per Pietà: Cosi Fan Tutte

Miah Persson at Glyndebourne Per pietà – No. 25, Rondo from Act II, Scene 2 of the Italian opera, Così fan tutte by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Libretto : Lorenzo da Ponte •Role : Fiordiligi, sister of Dorabella and fiancee of … Continue reading

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Jazz: Benny Green

A jazz musician is a juggler who uses harmonies instead of oranges. Benny Green 1927-1998 The Reluctant Art (1962) The illustration is Copyright: CYCLONEPROJECT via Shutterstock

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Film: Peter Bogdanovich

The fascinating thing about film is that it’s an illusion. You see people pointing at the screen and saying ‘That movie…’ But that’s not where the movie is, it’s up in the projection booth, in the can. What they’re pointing … Continue reading

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Consciousness: James Douglas

If I were asked to make a graph of my mental life, it would not be a curve. It would be a mad succession of zig-zags, dartings hither and thither, leaps upward and plunges downward, like a fever chart. This … Continue reading

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Humility: Helen Merrell Lynd

Only the man with true pride in his capacities as a human being can have a significant humility; only the truly humble in apprehending the immensity of the universe and the world beyond himself can have a significant pride – … Continue reading

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