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Lines to a Movement in Mozart’s E-flat Symphony: Thomas Hardy

Show me again the time When in the Junetide’s prime We flew by meads and mountains northerly! – Yea, to such freshness, fairness, fulness, fineness, freeness, Love lures life on. Show me again the day When from the sandy bay … Continue reading

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He Never Expected Much: Thomas Hardy

Well, World, you have kept faith with me, Kept faith with me; Upon the whole you have proved to be Much as you said you were. Since as a child I used to lie Upon the leaze and watch the … Continue reading

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Silence: Thomas Hardy

That man’s silence is wonderful to listen to. Thomas Hardy Under the Greenwood Tree ch. 14 The image is copyright: ollyy via Shutterstock

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Heredity: Thomas Hardy

I am the family face; Flesh perishes, I live on, Projecting trait and trace Through time to times anon, And leaping from place to place Over oblivion. The years-heired feature that can In curve and voice and eye Despise the … Continue reading

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Waiting Both: Thomas Hardy

A star looks down at me, And says: “Here I and you Stand each in our degree: What do you mean to do,— Mean to do?” I say: “For all I know, Wait, and let Time go by, Till my … Continue reading

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