About Ratiocinativa

Laura in  Abu Dhabi

My name is Laura Sykes and I blog on the Anglican Communion and Church of England from the point of the view of the laity at Lay Anglicana .

Ratiocinativa is the Latin for a woman who likes argument and discussion. That’s me. At least, that is half a description of me aged 10 by an aunt whom I had been foisted on for a month. When taking me back, my mother asked if I had behaved myself.

‘Argumentative little blighter, isn’t she?’ was Aunt Jessamy’s forthright reply.

I have always rather relished this story, and if I can get the exact flavour in Latin am hoping to get it on my tombstone. (I don’t imagine ‘argumentative little blighter’ would be allowed in English, but ‘Puellula Ratiocinativa’ means an argumentative little girl and is half-way there.) Any help offered from classical scholars for a Latin phrase which conveys the nuances of affectionate irritation will be gratefully received.

Scope of this blog

Well, after some wrestling with other titles already chosen, I’ve got the catchy title. But this blog is not all about me, you may be relieved to hear.

In 1965 I started a commonplace book, in which I wrote down poems and snatches of quotation that I liked. One book grew into four or five, and now they are falling apart (as am I!). Before we are all consigned to the dustbin of history, I am transferring these into cyberspace. And I will continue to add quotable quotes that strike me.

I hope you enjoy this miscellany.

16 Responses to About Ratiocinativa

  1. DES Daughter says:

    Wishing you the best of fun and success with your new blog Laura 😀

  2. minidvr says:

    So, if this is the place for verbal fisticuffs, I’ve come to the right place. I hope that it’s a much a success, particularly when the dark secrets in those note books are opened up to the light 🙂

    I wait with baited breath for the first contentious post 🙂

    • layanglicana says:

      Dear minidvr, well there may be one or two more veils to come off, though I hope to spin out the process long enough to hold your attention for a while. I am a tease, I know! And for the moment no one is disagreeing with me, but I am more than happy to defend. En garde!

  3. Laura, I think it is fun how our early visits with relatives set our paths for our journey in life. It is good that you have set yours in this first post. It reminds me of a visit with an uncle who gave me a nickname that stuck through my Girl Scout years. Now I have a good post to write about. Good blog.

  4. Alan T Perry says:

    You do indeed have a catchy title, unlike, er, the one you linked to. 😉

    Great blog. I look forward to stopping by again.

  5. Libdrone says:

    Wow. I am most impressed. Congratulations on this second blog, Laura.

  6. maryehaight says:

    I’m with Alan, this is impressive Laura! Of particular interest is your tagline…mining the collective unconscious…been doing that myself lately 😉 I look forward to coming back, and must say I was so happy we connected on twitter as that is here I saw your link to the Dragon story. Congrats!

  7. Word Wabbit says:

    I just want to let you know that I nominated you for the VERY INSPIRING BLOGGER AWARD because your blog inspires others. Accepting the award is optional. Check out the details at http://wordwabbit.wordpress.com/2013/03/17/very-inspiring-blogger-award/

  8. Hi Laura, I think your blog is really cool and I nominated you for the Sunshine Award. Please check my latest post for the details.

  9. YOU are the awesomest….NON ILLIGEITIMUS CARBORENDUM Don’t let the :;bastars:: wear you down.

  10. Elisa Butler says:

    Love the name of your blog Laura 🙂

  11. Dr Peter Lim says:

    Glad to have come across your site by sheer chance. My wife and I live in Melb-
    I compose and write (not well). Would like to read more of yours and to exchange.
    Congratulations–you are a person of passion. I read Latin, got an A..
    With my esteem and best wishes

    • layanglicana says:

      Thank-you very much! As you see, I have not been able to add to this recently as I have been taken up with my other passion, which is sorting out the Church of England. Unsurprisingly, this is not even as easy as it sounds!

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