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Beware Of Monsters And Abysses: Friedrich Nietzsche

He who fights with monsters might take care lest he thereby become a monster. And if you gaze long enough into an abyss, the abyss gazes also into you. Friedrich Nietzsche 1844-1900 Jenseits von Gut und Böse IV, 146 The … Continue reading

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No Worst, There Is None: Gerard Manley Hopkins

No worst, there is none. Pitched past pitch of grief, More pangs will, schooled at forepangs, wilder wring. Comforter, where, where is your comforting? Mary, mother of us, where is your relief? My cries heave, herds-long; huddle in a main, … Continue reading

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The Obverse Of The Coin Despair: Kafka

Anyone who cannot cope with life while he is alive needs one hand to ward off a little his despair over his fate…but with his other hand he can jot down what he sees among the ruins, for he sees … Continue reading

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Hope: Erich Fromm

To hope means to be ready at every moment for that which is not yet born, and yet not become desperate if there is no birth in our lifetime. Erich Fromm (1900 – 1980) The illustration is ‘Hope’ by George … Continue reading

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