Escargots And Snails: Miles Kington


The theory behind their presence in restaurants is that they have a lovely delicate flavour of garlic, butter and parsley, but in my experience this comes simply from adding parsley, garlic and butter. If you eat snails without the added delicacies, you are in for a shock. That is why I admire thrushes so much.

Miles Kington 1941-

Nature Made Ridiculously Simple (1983)
The image is copyright: gorillaimages via Shutterstock

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One Response to Escargots And Snails: Miles Kington

  1. As a French gastronome, I confirm : snails have no interesting taste. People like the garlic butter of snails and, probably, the lovely snails shells.
    Frog legs taste close to chicken meat, more juicy. Compared to snails, it has a taste, at least :-). I guess sometimes people have eaten that because they had nothing else to eat !
    Now, serving this dish in good French restaurants is more about creating a visually interesting plate.
    If you want to try, I can recommend you to go to a French restaurant close to my town, where you can enjoy absolutely tasty snails : “Pommes de terre farcies aux escargots”. The recipe : It’s a young potato with peel, scooped out and fried, filled with a delicious parsley/garlic sauce and snails. Plate is delightful to see, taste is really great, and the texture contrast of fried potato / creamy sauce is a great idea from the chief cool !
    Take a look at the picture if you want to know more !

    Loves and regards,


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