Round Pegs In Square Holes: Revd Sydney Smith


We shall generally find that the triangular persons has got into the square hole, the oblong into the triangular, and a square person has squeezed himself into the round hole. The officer and the office, the doer and the thing done, seldom fit so exactly that we can say they were almost made for each other.

The Revd Sydney Smith 1771-1845

Sketches of Moral Philosophy, Lect. ix
The image is copyright: Rikard Stadler via Shutterstock

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Author of books on Calcutta, Delhi and Dar es Salaam, I am now blogging as a lay person about the Church of England and the Anglican Communion. I am also blogging about the effects of World War One on the village of St Mary Bourne, Hampshire.
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2 Responses to Round Pegs In Square Holes: Revd Sydney Smith

  1. Excuse me for pointing out the obvious, but the hammer is putting a SQUARE peg in a ROUND hole…..(I’m sorry, I just see these things)

  2. layanglicana says:

    You’re absolutely right – well spotted! As I am sure you realise, I do my best to find an illustration which will match each quotation. Sometimes the match is very close, sometimes, as here, it is only the concept which is correctly illustrated. Sometimes, the illustration depicts something different altogether, as I want to juxtapose different ideas. All part of life’s rich pattern 🙂

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