Making Decisions In The Dark: James Thurber


There are two kinds of light – the glow that illuminates, and the glare that obscures. But not enough is just as problematic: Making decisions in the dark can lead to some regrettable consequences.

Back in the days before electricity, a tightfisted old farmer was taking his farmhand to task for carrying a lighted lantern when he went to call on his sweetheart.

“Why,” he exclaimed, “when I went a-courtin’ I never carried one of them things. I always went in the dark.”

“Yes,” said the hired man wryly “and look who you ended up with!!”

Traditional story, as recounted by James Thurber (1894-1961)

The illustration is copyright: Lana Langlois via Shutterstock

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Author of books on Calcutta, Delhi and Dar es Salaam, I am now blogging as a lay person about the Church of England and the Anglican Communion. I am also blogging about the effects of World War One on the village of St Mary Bourne, Hampshire.
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