The Iron Whim Of A Woman: Jan Morris


Ibn Batuta, the best travelled man in the world, describes the ‘country of Tawalisi’, a place otherwise unknown to geography, in which he met a princess of warlike tastes, who commanded a corps of amazons and often engaged in single combat herself. This fierce lady, who was Governor of Kaylakari, was much taken by Ibn Batuta’s descriptions of India, and decided that she would like to conquer that country.

‘I must’, she drawled, ‘positively make an expedition to it, and take possession of it for myself, for the quantities of its riches and its troops attracts me.’

Ibn Batuta had been on the road for twenty years, and knew all about women.

‘Do so’, he simply replied, and left it at that.

Jan Morris 1926-

Travels (1976)
The illustration is Penthesilea, Amazonian queen, 15th – 16th c, Bibliothèque nationale de France (BNF). Cote : Français 599, Folio 27v. Via Wikimedia

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2 Responses to The Iron Whim Of A Woman: Jan Morris

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  2. Somehow I’m reminded of Virginia Woolf’s Orlando.

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