I Am Monarch Of All I Survey: Solitude


I am monarch of all I survey;
My right there is none to dispute;
From the centre all round to the sea
I am lord of the fowl and the brute
O Solitude! where are the charms
That sages have seen in thy face?
Better dwell in the midst of alarms,
Than reign in this horrible place.

This is the first verse of a poem with six verses. You can read the rest here

by William Cowper

The Solitude of Alexander Selkirk

Alexander Selkirk was the real-life model for Daniel Defoe‘s ‘Robinson Crusoe

This has echoes of the heartfelt remark by Blaise Pascal:

Le silence éternel de ces espaces infinis m’effraient

(I am terrified by the eternal silence of these spaces).

The illustration is by © musicman | View Portfolio  via Wikimedia

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Author of books on Calcutta, Delhi and Dar es Salaam, I am now blogging as a lay person about the Church of England and the Anglican Communion. I am also blogging about the effects of World War One on the village of St Mary Bourne, Hampshire.
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